Industrial Commission Online Network Employer Guide

How do I submit an appeal/objection online?

After logging into ICON, submit your claim number in the "Submit a Request/Appeal" section to reach Step 1.

Step 1: Select Appeal/Objection Type
Depending on your particular appeal/objection and the circumstances surrounding it, multiple options will be presented to you. Two options are always available: Appeal a BWC Order or Object to a BWC Tentative Order and Request .522/.52 Relief. If your claim includes recent IC Orders (published within the past 60 days), you will also be offered the choice to Appeal an IC Order (Please see "Why can't I appeal an IC Order?" if this option is not presented to you). Additionally, if your claim has been scheduled for hearing, and the hearing is more than two business days away, you will be offered the option to Request a Service.

Select the appropriate link to submit that type of appeal. If you are unsure of which type of appeal you wish to file, reference our Process Details and Hearing Types for assistance.

Step 2: Provide Appeal/Objection Information
You may need to have your IC or BWC correspondence handy to provide some of the information requested. You must provide answers to all the claim-related questions in order to successfully submit the appeal/objection. E-mail addresses are optional. If you have specific questions about the form or information requested, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

Step 3: Verify Appeal/Objection Information
Before submitting the appeal/objection, make sure the information you provided is correct. You can make corrections by selecting the "Make Changes" button. Once you are satisfied that the information is true and correct, select "Submit" to forward the appeal/objection to the IC.

Submission Confirmation
The final page of the online appeals/objections process provides confirmation of your submission. You should print a copy of this confirmation page for your records, as it contains all the information you provided as well as a time/date stamp indicating when it was submitted. If you provided an e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail once the appeal/objection has been processed. Appeal/Objection processing could take up to three business days.

A note regarding filing deadlines: Although appeals/objections may be submitted online at any time, they are processed according to normal IC business hours. Online appeals/objections submitted after 5:00 or on days IC offices are closed are considered to be filed on the next business day. The IC uses these processing dates to determine if your appeal/objection was filed within the statutory mandated timeframes.