Industrial Commission Online Network Employer Guide

How do I request a continuance online?

After logging into ICON, use one of the following two methods:

Method 1:
Enter your claim number and select the "Submit a Request/Appeal" option to reach Step 1.

Step 1: Select Request a Service
On the "Request a Service for a Scheduled Hearing" section select the "Request a Service" link.

Step 2: Select a Service Request for a Hearing
This page will list all hearings scheduled for the claim. Click the "Continuance" link under the hearing you requiring a continuance.

Step 3: Provide Continuance Information
On this page, there are several fields requiring your input. Supply the reason you are requesting the continuance by selecting one of the radio buttons and populating any associated field. (NOTE: If your hearing is less than five days from today's date, you will not have the radio button options and must give your reason in the text area provided). Next, enter your email address. Select a "Notification" method for the opposite party or representative and enter a date that is no later than today’s date. Depending upon criteria established by BWC, you may be prompted to notify BWC of your continuance request. Select one "Approval" option and one "Supporting Documentation" option. Click the "Continue" button to move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Verify Continuance Request
Before submitting the request, make sure the information you provided is correct. You can make corrections by selecting the "Make Changes" button. Once you are satisfied that the information is true and correct, select "Submit" to forward the request to the IC.

Submission Confirmation
The final page of the online continuance request process provides confirmation of your submission. You should print a copy of this confirmation page for your records, as it contains all the information you provided as well as a time/date stamp indicating when it was submitted. If you provided an e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail once the request has been processed. Continuance request processing could take up to three business days.

Method 2:
Visit your employer calendar, click on the date requiring a continuance and follow Steps 2-4 above.

A note regarding filing deadlines: Although requests may be submitted online at any time, they are processed according to normal IC business hours. Online continuance requests cannot be submitted less than two days before the hearing. If you require a continuance for a hearing that is less than two days away, please contact our customer service office at 1-800-521-2691.