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Notification Notice: The IC now provides notice to all parties when appeals, motions, objections and requests are filed, so long as the IC has a valid email address on file. However, this notification does not take the place of the parties copying opposing parties as required by rule. All parties and representatives must be sure to provide to opposing parties a copy of all documentation that is filed, regardless of whether the IC may also provide electronic notification.

Reminder Regarding Solicitation by Representatives:   R.C. 4123.88 (A) expressly prohibits any person from approaching claimants and employers regarding representation. In addition, Prof. Cond. Rule 7.3 prohibits attorneys from directly soliciting parties regarding possible representation. Therefore, no representative should directly approach an injured worker or employer regarding possible representation. This is especially true in and around the hearing area in Industrial Commission facilities.

Cleveland Construction Notice:  Construction Project Near the Cleveland Regional Office. Click here for more information.

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