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Representatives have raised questions with how the hearing officers will conduct hearings and manage dockets once the new telephonic process begins on 4/27/2020. The move to using a call-in bridge method rather than the individual hearing officers calling the representatives and parties is necessary in order to allow the IC to enable as many hearing officers and other IC employees to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis. The IC does not have the ability to docket claims on the half hour, without delaying the implementation of this process, due to reprogramming of the docketing/notice system that would be required. It is understood that the parties/reps will call at the beginning of the hour and the hearing officer will conduct as many as two hearings during a given hour. The hearing officers are in charge of how to conduct those hearings, and will accommodate the logistical situations as best they can. Some hearing officers may ask the parties to hold while another claim is heard. Others may ask the parties who are not "going first" to call back in twenty minutes or so. It should be noted the Industrial Commission hearings are public, thus there are no concerns regarding confidential personal information. The Hearing Contact document, that was created to provide contact information when the telephone hearings began, can now be used to impart information to the hearing officers if you foresee a scheduling issue. A separate document should be submitted to each file that is impacted by the individual situation.

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For your convenience, ICON allows you to submit online appeals and objections with or without a password. We suggest you use an IW password if you have one, as it enables you to review and update claim information.

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