Industrial Commission Online Network Representative Guide



What are the IC document submission guidelines?

Filing Options and Guidelines:

The following guidelines will help ensure documents are placed in the correct electronic hearing folder on a timely basis (within 24 hours after submission).

  • The BWC and IC exchange imaged documents when there is a contested issue. Therefore, if a document has been filed at one agency, it is not necessary to file it with the other. Filing with both agencies clutters the electronic file with duplicate documents. In addition, if you submit documents for a DHO hearing, it is not necessary to resubmit the same documents for the SHO hearing.
  • Documents can be submitted directly to the IC using the following options:
    • Upload documents directly into the IC’s claim file utilizing ICON (available for Reps ONLY). For more information on this option, please call the OIC Helpdesk at 877-218-4810;
    • Mail or hand deliver documents to an IC district or regional office;
    • Fax documents to an IC district or regional office. Fax numbers are located on the public website News and Info \ Contact \ IC Fax Numbers; or
    • Fax documents directly into the IC's Teleform indexing application at 877-ICFAXIN (877-423-2946).
  • Place the claim number on the first page of each document, in the upper right hand corner (if possible). A single copy is sufficient.
  • By definition, the IC classifies a "document" as original paper with information that has never been seen (scanned) by or was not created by the IC or BWC.
  • Use 8 ½ x 11 white paper. Legal size, colored paper and highlighted documents do not scan properly.
  • Submit documents on IC/BWC forms obtained though the IC/BWC websites. The IC is automating form recognition and creating your own forms will delay recognition.
  • Submit documents as you receive them so they can be imaged and reviewed prior to hearing.

Note: Only videos and pictures (not documents) may be submitted to an IC office on disc for uploading to the claim file.

Tips for Filing Responsibly:

  • Write the claim number in black ink on the first page of each document submitted. By definition, the IC classifies a “document” as original paper with information that has never been seen (scanned) by or was not created by the IC or BWC. A single copy is sufficient.
  • Submit documents on white paper as colored paper does not scan, fax or upload legibly.
  • Do not use a highlighter on documents to be submitted as they appear completely blacked out after scanning.
  • Submit documents that are legible to ensure readability. Pay attention to font size and copy quality.
  • Documents submitted to the IC one day prior to hearing or on the day of hearing are held for the hearing officer’s review and will be imaged after the hearing.
  • Hearing Administrator documents, listed below, should be filed directly with hearing administrator’s office for expedited processing. File these documents on I.C.O.N \ I.C.O.N. or fax to the HA’s office. For a list of fax numbers check the public website: News and Info \ Contact \ IC Fax Numbers.
    • Continuance or Cancellation requests
    • Pre-hearing conference requests
    • Motions for relief pursuant to .522 / .52
    • Extension requests for PTD claims
    • Subpoena/Deposition/Suspension requests
  • All medical documents are separated by provider, date of service and document type so they are easy to locate and access in the electronic hearing folder. Please keep this information in mind when submitting medical documents.
  • Utilize IC/BWC forms obtained through our websites when applicable.
  • When reviewing the electronic hearing folder, you may see “Entire Document Split.” This means we have split the documents previously scanned or uploaded together into the correct document type and have indexed them so they are easily identifiable.