All our forms are available for downloading HERE. You may file some of them online via ICON. If you would like to request that a specific form be sent to you, contact our Customer Service Department via e-mail at or by phone 614-466-6136 (Columbus area) or 1-800-521-2691 (toll-free).

You may mail or fax forms to your local Industrial Commission office or to the Customer Service department.

The Industrial Commission Web site is currently unable to accept forms via email. Some of our forms are available via ICON, and those submissions will be accepted through our online system.

The following forms may be submitted via ICON:
  • IC-12 Notice of Appeal
  • IC-167-T Objection to Tentative Order
  • IC-50 Request for Cancellation
  • IC-51 Request for Continuance
  • IC-52 Request for .522/52 Relief
  • IC-INT Request for Interpretive Services

The Industrial Commission does not provide confirmation of receipt of forms sent through mail or Fax.

Forms filed via ICON will receive a confirmation e-mail if an email address has been specified.

If an appeal has been filed either online or through mail or fax, all parties will receive a Notice of Hearing.

If you question whether your forms have been received you may contact a Customer Service Representative via email at or by phone 614-466-6136 (Columbus area) or 1-800-521-2691 (toll-free) to verify the status of your claim.