Medical Examinations

You may be scheduled for an examination for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. You have filed for permanent total disability compensation;
  2. A hearing officer of the Industrial Commission (IC) has requested that you be examined.
Continued compensation, according to the law, may only be paid based on medical evidence provided by a licensed physician. The purpose of the examination is to determine the extent or nature of injury so you can be compensated with the benefits allowed by law.

At no charge to you, a licensed specialist designated by the IC will perform the examination. Because the specialist will not be prescribing a course of treatment, the examination length varies with the condition under consideration. A mental health examination with testing may require over an hour. The physician is asked to only consider and examine medical or psychiatric conditions allowed in your claim(s). An allowed condition is recognized as being a direct result of a compensable work-related injury or occupational disease, which is supported by medical documentation.

Depending on the nature of your injuries, it may be necessary for you to partially undress for the doctor’s examination. Please wear appropriate attire. A gown will be provided. If you need assistance with dressing or undressing, you may request a family member, the doctor, or office personnel to assist you.

Specialists providing opinions for the IC review medical records and diagnostic test results in addition to taking the injured worker’s medical history and performing the examination. It’s important to note that the examiner is only looking at the allowed condition(s) and nothing else.

Specialist examiners assess and give opinions on impairment. Impairment is the amount of an injured worker’s physical and/or mental loss of function caused by the allowed physical injury.

The IC has adopted the American Medical Association’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment as the resource for impairment determination.

The report will assist the IC hearing officers in the determination of disability. Disability is the effect that impairment has on the injured worker’s ability to work.

Written complaints concerning specific examinations are investigated and answered by Medical Services personnel. Be assured that physicians conducting examinations on behalf of the IC meet specified credentials and are provided training opportunities, as well as a manual of IC medical policies. Examination reports are also screened for consistency and completeness.

At least two weeks before the scheduled examination, you will be notified when and where the examination will take place. If you are unable to keep your appointment, you must call in advance of the scheduled date. Call the number listed on the Notice of Examination and request that your appointment be rescheduled. You must have an acceptable reason for your absence.

If you require foreign language interpreting services, hearing impaired services, or have a disability that requires special accommodations at your medical examination, you must request this prior to the exam.

Requests for interpreting services can be made by faxing a copy of the IC-INT form to 614-728-7004.

For other special accommodations review the IC’s Accessibility Policy.

For further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 800-521-2691.

If the required travel is by automobile and the distance is greater than 45 miles from your residence to the examination and back, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will reimburse you at the rate of 58¢* per mile. Travel in excess of 400 miles round trip requires prior approval. All travel must be the most direct and practical route.

Special transportation such as taxi, train or airplane must have prior approval. Receipt of payment is required and reimbursement will only be for the actual and necessary fare. Necessary meals, based on the distance traveled round trip, will be refunded to the injured worker based on an established schedule.

Hotel expenses must be pre-approved and will be paid at actual cost, not to exceed $75* per night plus applicable taxes. Receipt of hotel payment is required.

Only the injured worker will be reimbursed for travel expenses. Reimbursement checks are generally received four to six weeks after the processing of travel expense statements.

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