The Appeals Process - Web Conferencing

Outside parties have the option to virtually attend an IC hearing via a web conferencing solution called Webex. Information is provided on your hearing notice with the link to connect to the hearing via Webex as well as the dial-in information. There are also links on ICON to join the hearing from the calendar.

  • Plan ahead. Decide how you will be connecting to the meeting: computer or phone.
  • Get comfortable. Find a place with good internet or cellular service and little background noise.
  • Eliminate distractions. Make it less likely that anything will interrupt your meeting.
  • Be on time. If possible, join the meeting 5 minutes early using your desired method.
  • Mute your audio to minimize the amount of noise in the meeting.
  • When it's your turn, unmute your audio and speak clearly. There can be a slight delay in audio/video.

The right to attend a hearing in person belongs to the parties, not the representatives. Therefore, the need to obtain and document in an order a waiver of that right will depend on the circumstances as discussed below:

  • If neither a party nor their/its representative appear at all, waiver is not an issue.
  • If a party is represented by an attorney, and that attorney appears in person, no waiver is necessary. If the attorney appears remotely, that attorney can verbally affirm that their client has waived the right to appear in person if the party is not present to confirm the waiver. That waiver must then be documented in the order.
  • If a party is represented by a non-attorney and that non-attorney appears in person and the party does not appear, no waiver is required. If the party appears remotely, that party must waive the right to appear in person and that waiver must be documented in the order. If a non-attorney representative appears remotely and the party is not present, there must be some written waiver of the right to appear in person contained in the claim file. That document must then be referenced in the order.

The following language can be used by employers to document the waiver of the right to attend a hearing in-person. That document must then be submitted to the claim file.

Waiver of Right to Appear In-Person

As the individual authorized to make decisions on behalf of the employer in matters before the Industrial Commission, I,________________________, waive the right to appear in-person for the Industrial Commission hearing on (date) __________________ in claim number ___________________. I understand that the employer has the right to appear in-person and, with that knowledge, waive that right to appear in-person voluntarily and expressly authorize (non-attorney representative) ________________________ to appear remotely via Webex or telephone in any Industrial Commission hearing arising from subsequent appeals on the same issue(s).

Signature: ________________________

Date: ____________________________

Please visit the Web Conferencing section of the IC Help Center for all questions in regards to Webex.