Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Ohio Industrial Commission is Currently Reviewing its Administrative Rules

The Ohio Industrial Commission is conducting its 2021 five-year rule review of the following rules: 4121-3-13, 4121-3-16, 4121-3-17, 4121-3-18, 4121-3-19, 4121-3-21, 4121-3-22, 4121-3-24, 4121-3-25, 4121-3-26, 4121-3-30, 4121-3-31, and 4121-15-10.

As part of this review, the agency has determined that pursuant to H.B. 81, 4121-3-13, as well as 4121-3-20 and 4121-3-34 should be amended to reflect the recent changes in HB 81. Additionally, amendments were made to reflect grammatical changes, and to maintain consistent terminology throughout the rules.

The agency has determined that the remaining rules under review listed above need not be changed at this time.

The Commission is proposing the following rule actions (To view the proposed rules click on the PDF links below.):

If you wish to comment on any of the aforementioned proposed rule actions, please reply to the Commission at by December 15, 2020.