Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Ohio Industrial Commission Votes to Rescind Memo D5 - Voluntary Abandonment

On June 16, 2020, Governor DeWine signed into law Amended Substitute House Bill 81, which made significant changes to several sections of the Ohio Revised Code as it applies to matters of adjudication heard by the Ohio Industrial Commission.

At a Special Meeting of the Ohio Industrial Commission, held on Monday September 14, 2020, the Commission voted to rescind Memo D5 - Voluntary Abandonment.

This action was necessary because the provisions of Amended Substitute House Bill 81, which became effective on September 15, 2020, rendered Memo D5 obsolete.

The action will also ensure that hearing officers will be properly applying the language in R.C. 4123.56 and R.C. 4123.58 when adjudicating the issue of causal connection between the injury and the inability to work or wage loss when that issue has been raised.