Thursday, March 12, 2020

Ohio Industrial Commission Announces Suspension of All Hearings from March 16 through March 17

Agency will begin telephone hearings on March 18

COLUMBUS, OH — The Ohio Industrial Commission announced yesterday that all workers’ compensation hearings will be continued on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Until further notice, beginning Wednesday, March 18, the Commission will begin conducting hearings by telephone for the following issues: permanent total disability, temporary total disability or the termination of temporary total disability, wage loss, allowance and additional allowance.

Future dockets scheduled will consist of two hearings per hour and we will conduct six hours of dockets per day on the aforementioned issues.

On Wednesday, March 18, we will evaluate how best to proceed to determine if any change is needed. We will continue to evaluate the effectiveness and volume of hearings going forward until normal operations can resume.

The Industrial Commission will continue to work with our stakeholders throughout, to ensure accurate communication, along with utilizing both our public website and ICON.

The Ohio Industrial commission serves injured workers and Ohio employers through expeditious and impartial resolution of issues arising from workers’ compensation claims and through the establishment of adjudication policy.