Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Wage Loss Rule Goes into Effect February 13, 2014

After a long review involving significant input from stakeholders, the Industrial Commission and Bureau of Workers’ Compensation have successfully enacted a new joint rule for the processing and adjudication of requests for wage loss compensation.

The new rule contains a definition section which is alphabetized for ease of reading and separate paragraphs setting out the prerequisites for receiving working and non-working wage loss compensation.

Additionally, the new rule provides guidelines for on-line job searches and codifies case law that created exceptions to the requirement of a supplemental job search for those injured workers applying for or receiving working wage loss compensation.

The new rule also addresses the situation in which an injured worker secures a job that will likely become comparably paying work and/or provides other employment-related benefits.

To view New OAC 4125-1-01, click HERE.