Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Public Hearing on Administrative Rules Set for January 3, 2014

Pursuant to Section 119.03 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Industrial Commission has scheduled a public hearing to consider the amendment of 4125-1-02 and the rescission and replacement by new rule of 4125-1-01.

The hearing will be held on Friday, January 3, 2014 at 1:00 p.m., on the 2nd Floor, Room 1, of the William Green Building at 30 West Spring Street, Columbus, Ohio.

At this hearing, persons affected by the proposed actions on these rules may present their positions, arguments or contentions, and present evidence that the proposed actions are unreasonable or unlawful.

If an affected party cannot attend the public hearing, they may submit their positions, arguments or contentions, in writing, prior to the hearing and for one week following the hearing, to the attention of Rachael T. Black, Chief Legal Counsel, at 30 West Spring Street, 30th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215 and, electronically, to rulecomments@ic.state.oh.us.

To view the Notice of Public Hearing, the proposed rule actions, and the business impact analysis of the proposed actions, click on the PDF links below.

Proposed Administrative Rule 4125-1-02 - Electronic Submission and Acceptance of Documents
Proposed Administrative Rule 4125-01-01 – (Rescission) Compensation for Wage Loss
Proposed Administrative Rule 4125-01-01 – (New) Wage Loss Compensation

Common Sense Initiative Documents

Notice of Public Hearing – January 3, 2014