Thursday, August 2, 2012

Industrial Commission Rescinds Temporary Resolution On Docketing And Continuances

COLUMBUS, OH – Chairman and CEO Karen L. Gillmor announced today that the Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC) rescinded the temporary changes to its administrative hearing policies, specifically those involving the docketing of claims and parties’ requests for continuances. The changes went into effect July 10, 2012, and were to last only 60 days.

“Since the Industrial Commission implemented an improved process to more effectively examine claims and more efficiently prepare them for hearing, a surge of claims became ready for hearing in April and continued through June,” Gillmor said. “The Commission aggressively docketed hearings and passed a temporary resolution in July to assure claims timelines mandated by law were maintained. The Commission felt it needed to put in place dramatic steps in case they were needed to ensure timely decisions for employers and injured workers. Fortunately, through the outstanding efforts of our IC employees, we have addressed the immediate need for action and can now lift those proposed changes and rescind the resolution more than thirty days before its expiration.”

“When we imposed the temporary changes on July 10, 2012, we said that we will continue to evaluate our docketing policy and continuance guidelines so that hearings may continue to be held expeditiously,” Gillmor said. In 2011, the Industrial Commission held nearly 150,000 hearings to adjudicate workers’ compensation claims.

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Industrial Commission Rescinds Temporary Resolution On Docketing And Continuances
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