Thursday, March 8, 2012

Workplace Violence Training Helps Keep IC Customers Safe

COLUMBUS - In an effort to improve the safety and security in each Ohio Industrial Commission (IC) office throughout the state, the IC launched a comprehensive workplace violence training program last month.

“It is an unconditional top priority for the IC to be proactive in all security matters,” IC Chairman Karen Gillmor said. “As the leader of this agency, I will dedicate the necessary resources to make sure our facilities are secure.”

The training, which took place at each IC office throughout February and March, educated IC employees regarding workplace violence issues and ways to react if such a situation occurred.

“We have a zero tolerance for threatening acts and I want our employees and customers to understand how passionate I am about safety,” Director of Security Mike Tanner said. “From the Governor’s office down to each state agency, the safety and security of Ohioans is paramount.”

The purpose of the training was to teach employees how to identify workplace violence, report violent incidents and better understand the agency’s Workplace Violence Policy.

“The safety of our employees and our customers is very important to this agency,” Tanner said. “I take these matters extremely seriously.”

After reviewing the types of workplace violence offenders and how the IC will investigate all complaints, Tanner discussed workplace shootings.

Although the odds of a workplace shooting have decreased in recent years, employees were taught to quickly assess the situation and respond with purpose and conviction.

Staff members were also instructed to report uncomfortable workplace situations or suspicious individuals to management immediately.

Tanner said a violent situation can also be avoided by an act as simple as taking the time to listen to our customers.

“We are an agency that deals with people’s health care, which means there is a potential for an incident to occur,” he said. “It is very important to offer validation and support to those individuals who feel ignored or let down by the system.”

The training sessions are the latest initiative the agency has developed to improve safety. Security measures offered to IC employees, employers and injured workers bring peace of mind that safety is of the utmost importance at the agency.

“Metal detectors, enhanced security cameras and up-to-date emergency plans are the latest methods that the IC’s security team has developed to confront safety threats with confidence,” Tanner said. “It is very important that the people are safe and the facilities are secure as we execute our mission to serve the people of Ohio.”