Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Mail Pickup Location in the William Green Building

COLUMBUS - Picking up flat mail in the William Green Building just became more convenient for workers’ compensation representatives.

Effective March 12, workers’ compensation attorneys and representatives can begin retrieving their flat mail from the Customer Service Department on the first floor. Previously, representatives had to go to Level B-2 to retrieve their flat mail.

“In order to make mail pickup more practical for our customers, it makes sense for us to move the mail pickup to the first floor,” Chairman Karen Gillmor said. “This change will create a one-stop shop for our customers to retrieve flat mail and conveniently file documents with the IC at the front counter.”

The previous mail pickup location did not offer the same convenience as the new location. In the past, attorneys and representatives would have to obtain a visitor badge at the security desk before going to Level B-2.

“With this change, representatives can simply pick up their mail in a matter of minutes,” Chairman Gillmor said. “This will increase efficiency and convenience for our customers.”