Industrial Commission IC Provider Electronic Record Access FAQ's
  1. Do I need to register for the program?
    No. You are already registered as a member of the Industrial Commission’s Medical Specialist Examiner Panel. However, when you first log in, you will be required to create a password that you will continue to use for each examination or file review.

    If you are a first time user you must follow these steps to set up a User Profile:
    • Follow the link: or type the URL in the address bar of your browser.
    • From the top navigation menu, click the ‘ICON’ tab.
    • From the ICON Home Page, click the link, ‘IC Examining Physician’.
    • Click the link ‘First Time Logging In?’.
    • Enter your Provider Number and Claim Number then click ‘Submit’.
    • Click on ‘I accept these terms’.
    • Create your User Profile by entering your information in the required fields and click ‘Submit’.
      o NOTE: UserName cannot be changed once submitted
    • After submitting, you will be taken back to the IC Provider home page.

  2. How do I log in?
    To get to ICON, follow the link: or type the URL in the address bar of your browser. From the top navigation menu, click the ‘ICON’ tab. From the ICON Home Page, click the ‘IC Examining Physician’ link. When you arrive at the Examining Physician Home page, enter your User ID and your Password then click ‘Submit’.

  3. What if I forget my password?
    Please contact the IT HELPDESK by calling 614-644-6595 (local) or 877-218-4810 (toll-free) or during regular business hours.

  4. Can I change my password?
    Yes. Click the “Provider Profile” link on the left navigation menu. You can modify any field indicated with a red asterisk*. NOTE: You cannot change your UserName. Once the changes are made, click “Submit”.

  5. Who do I call for help?
    Please contact the IT Helpdesk by calling 614-644-6595 (local) or 877-218-4810 (toll-free) or during regular business hours.

  6. What is my provider number?
    Your provider number will be your BWC NUMBER.

    If your provider number has changed AFTER you have created your profile, please contact the IT Helpdesk by calling 614-644-6595 (local) or 877-218-4810 (toll-free) or during regular business hours.

  7. What information will be available to me?
    You are able to view information related only to the claim(s) to which you are assigned. Information is available in the “All Documents View”, which allows access to the entire claim file. Some key documents for you are the Specialist Packet, Supplemental Packet, and Hard Copy Evidence. They have the following identifiers:
    A Doc Type of “SPECPAC”, “SPECPACSUP”, “HCE”. The Doc Descriptions will contain language such as “Specialist Packet IC…”, “Specialist Packet Supplement IC…” and “Hard Copy Evidence…” You can search the claim file for additional information that you feel may be important to the formulation of your opinions and your report by clicking on specific documents within the claim file index.

  8. When will the claim information be available to me?
    You will be provided access on a case by case basis. That is, you will only be able to view information within a claim file that you are assigned for examination purposes. The information will be available to you from the time the examination is scheduled with you (at least two weeks prior to the examination date) until the time your report is processed (accepted as complete and final) by the Industrial Commission Medical Section, or cancelled.

  9. Where will I be able to access this information?
    You will be able to access the electronic information on any computer that has an internet connection. You should be certain that you are using a secure internet connection.

  10. How do I find my case?
    Providers are able to search for a claim that is scheduled by entering the Claim Number, SSN, or the injured worker’s First Initial and Last Name.

  11. How do I view the medical information?
    Once you arrive at the Claim Data Page of the claim you are assigned to, click "View Claim Documents".

  12. How do I save a document to my desktop?
    You may save documents on your home/work computer ONLY. When the document is open, click the ‘Save’ button at the top left of the toolbar above the document image, OR go to File>Save As at the top left of the window. The ‘Save a Copy’ dialogue window will open. Click the ‘Save in’ dropdown menu and select ‘Desktop’. You may rename the file; however keep the ‘Save as type’ as Adobe PDF Files (.pdf). Click ‘Save’. The document will be saved to your desktop in .pdf format.

  13. How do I access the Heardwith (HW) Claims associated with the Lead Claim?
    From the “Claim Folder” page, select the Permanent Total Disability Hearing Folder from the ‘Select Folder View’ dropdown. From the Hearing Folder View, double-click the claim number in the ‘HW:’ box (to the right of the injured worker’s name). To return to the Lead Claim, click the ‘Return to Entered Claim’ button.

  14. How do I upload a report?
    Click the ‘Report Upload’ link in the left navigation menu. At the Upload Report page, click the ‘Browse’ button and select the report file from the location on your PC. Click the ‘Dropdown Menu’ and select the applicable ‘Claim Number - Injured Worker’. Click the ‘Upload’ button when finished.

  15. What is the preferred document file type when uploading a report?
    The preferred document file type is PDF but DOCX is acceptable as well.

  16. How do I access report corrections?
    Click the ‘Report Corrections’ link in the left navigation menu. Click on a ‘Report Link’ to open and view the specified report. Once you have made your corrections and saved the document to your PC, you may upload the corrected report to ICON again (see FAQ #14).

  17. How do I know if a payment has been issued for an IC examination?
    Check the IC Provider Fee Bill located in the packet sent to you upon referral for the Provider of Service and Pay to Provider Number. If this information is filled in, visit the BWC website for payment status by following the link: Choose the MEDICAL PROVIDERS tab and from the drop down menu, choose Medical Bill Payment Look-Up. Please note, you must have a BWC User ID and Password to be able to utilize this website. If you require assistance, contact Medical Services at 614-466-4291.

  18. Who do I contact if I have utilized BWCs Medical Bill Payment Look-Up and the status says paid but I cannot find the deposit?
    You may contact Provider Benefits Payable Inquiry at 614-728-0741 for assistance. Only call this number if you have confirmed through the BWC website that you were paid for a particular IC examination.

  19. Who do I contact if an IC examination was a Self-Insured claim and I have not been paid?
    Contact Medical Services at 614-466-4291 for assistance. The IC Provider Fee Bill located in your referral packet will say Self-Insured at the Provider of Service and Pay to Provider Number. You must wait 45 days before making an inquiry regarding non-payment for self-insured claims.

  20. Who do I contact for a 1099?
    Contact the Benefits Payable Supervisor at 614-644-9359.

  21. Where can I find complete, step-by-step instructions?
    In this linked PDF document.

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