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These newsletters are intended to provide periodic, ongoing information to IC Specialists’ Panel members to help guide them effectively through the permanent total disability independent medical examination process.

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2022 Issues:

MediScene Issue 4, October 2022
MediScene Issue 3, July 2022
MediScene Issue 2, February 2022
MediScene Issue 1, January 2022

Archived Issues:

Maximum medical improvement, mental and behavioral health impairment assessments, examination observers policy, perfecting medical reports.

2021 MediScene Collection

COVID-19 Response, Question 3, Pointers for Experts, Meet Our Staff.

2020 MediScene Collection

MMI, WPI, impairments, streamlining referrals and changes.

2019 MediScene Collection

Hints for completing a report, common weight equivalents, pain related impairment.

2018 MediScene Collection

Reviewing all records, specialists medical packets and helpful hints, the new search feature for MediScene.

Fall 2017 MediScene

Tips for specialists, definitions, examination quips, IC IME vs. BWC IME, new IC Medical Advisor introduction.

2016 MediScene Collection

Conversion to whole person impairment, Spine evaluation methods, case presentations, report uploading to ICON, continuing medical education.

2015 MediScene Collection

Disability and impairment evaluations during the PTD process, Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), online review of records and challenges with medical reports.

2014 MediScene Collection

Mental status examinations, describing limitations in reports, sample reports and templates, rolling out of electronic record access and consistency in reports.

2013 MediScene Collection

IC specialist examiners reapplication process for January 2014, describing limitations in reports, new Mental and Behavioral Health PTD exam questions and preparing a PTD report.

2012 MediScene Collection

Electronic records, identifying limitations in an exam, reviewing records, new Chairmen and scheduling.

2011 MediScene Collection

Impartiality, new Commissioners, maximum medical improvement, allowed diagnostic testing, and scheduling PTD exams.

2010 MediScene Collection

Referral questions, Medical Manual revisions, prerequisites for appointment to the Medical Specialist Panel, and credentialing clarifications.

2009 MediScene Collection

Area of expertise, board certification, CME for impairment evaluation, Green (William) biography, impairment evaluation, medical information for examiners, mission statement (Industrial Commission), and rationale for opinions.

2008 MediScene Collection

Allowed conditions (acceptance of), causality (opinions regarding), DiCeglio (Gary) biography, maximum medical improvement, MediScene (introduction), scheduling of medical examinations, Welsh (Terrence) biography, and whole person impairment (related to maximum medical improvement).

2007 MediScene Collection