Docketing Policy - Effective December 31, 2012

Industrial Commission Resolution R12-1-02 has been rescinded effective December 31, 2012. Replacing the previous resolution is Industrial Commission Resolution R12-1-03, which is effective for hearing blocks and requests to continue hearings on or after December 31, 2012.

Industrial Commission Resolution R12-1-03 permits authorized representatives of parties to request that the Industrial Commission not schedule hearings for particular dates, or a series of dates, as long as the Industrial Commission receives notice at least 15 state business days prior to the requested “block out date(s)” pursuant to the following limitations:

  1. Requests for half-day hearing blocks-

    1. Requests for hearing blocks for half a day (i.e., the morning or afternoon only of a hearing day) will be honored for a maximum of 50 half-days per calendar year.

    2. Requests for full-day hearing blocks will no longer be honored, but two half-day hearing blocks may be used together to obtain a hearing block for a given day.

  2. Requests for hearing blocks by site-
    Requests for partial (i.e., less than statewide), hearing blocks, also called site blocks, will continue to be honored, but the site blocks will be included within the 50 half-days per calendar year in (A)(1) above.

  3. Requests for “magistrate blocks”-
    Requests for “magistrate blocks” may be submitted by an individual serving as a magistrate or prosecutor for a court of record. To be eligible, the requestor must submit a letter from the judge or mayor outlining the responsibility and schedule of the magistrate or prosecutor serving the court. Hearing block-out periods will be entered covering the schedule outlined by the judge or mayor.

  4. The Industrial Commission’s docketing system will only honor a hearing block if a representative has been designated as the docketing representative on a claim.

  5. If a timely request for hearing block is received by the Industrial Commission, the Industrial Commission will not schedule claims for hearing during the block-out period when the requesting representative is designated as the docketing representative in the claim.

  6. Representatives are encouraged to manage requests for block outs though ICON. Representatives’ calendars on ICON will set forth the block-out dates that are timely requested by the representative as described in paragraphs (A) through (C).

If you have questions, please contact the Industrial Commission of Ohio at 1-800-521-2691.