Columbus Regional Office

Regional Manager:

Felicity Hillmer

Office Contact:

Lori Hanscel

The Columbus Regional Hearing Administrator Office services these local offices: Cambridge, Columbus, Logan, Mansfield and Portsmouth.

Hearing Administrator:

Gregory Hickman



District Hearing Officers:

Kevin Agin, Scott Armour, Caroline Diwik, Jennifer Foltz, Richard Miller, Elizabeth M. Strautz, Joseph Sutton, Jana K. Yenyo, Justin Zutell

Staff Hearing Officers:

Rachael Black, Deborah J. Charney, Ellen Donahie, D. Greim, Andrew J. Klatt, C. Matthews, Shawn C. McKinley, Michael J. Pikosz, S. Rolletta, M. Tyack, Nicholas M. Varveris, Daniel White, S. T. Zalenski

The William Green Building is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Spring and High Streets.


Limited parking for injured workers is available for up to two hours in the BWC garage at the corner of Spring and Front Streets. The entrance for injured workers is on the left side of Spring Street, which is one-way heading west. A Notice of Hearing must be presented to the parking guard to gain access. Additional parking is available at meters along Spring Street.