Industrial Commission Policies

IC Resolutions

Industrial Commission hearings and administrative processes follow the guidelines set forth in the following IC Resolutions.


  • R07-1-04 - Guidelines for Filing Notices of Appeals from Staff Hearing Officers Orders

Attorney Fee Guidelines

  • Joint Resolution R07-1-01 - Supercedes R03-1-03-Guidelines for Authorization to Receive Checks and Attorney Fee Guidelines for authorizations filed on or after April 15, 2007


  • R12-1-03 - Docketing and Scheduling Guidelines - Effective December 31, 2012


  • R96-1-06 - Commission and Hearing Officer Code of Conduct
  • R07-1-03 - Guidelines with Respect to the Receipt of Things of Value

Full Weekly Wage



  • R98-1-02 - Jurisdiction of Hearing Officer to Adjudicate Issue of Allowance on a Second Claim Application

Living Maintenance

Lump Sum Advancements for Attorney Fees

  • R18-1-08 - Lump Sum Advancement for Attorney Fees

Medical Exams

  • R19-1-01 - IC Medical Exam Fee Schedule

Medical Issues

  • R15-1-01 - Modification of R96-1-01 and R03-1-02 related to medical evidence necessary to support a claim for an asbestos-related condition


  • R94-1-19 - Remedy for Lack of Notice, O.R.C. 4123.522 and 4123.52

Percentage of Permanent Partial

  • R96-1-04 - Removal from Consideration of Non-Medical Disability Factors


Recording of Hearings


Self-Insurer Issues


  • R97-1-06 - Requirement on Physician Reports

Standards of Conduct

  • R18-1-05 - Standards of Non-Attorneys Before the Commission and the Bureau

Temporary Total Disability

Time Frames

  • R94-1-16 - Post. H.B 107 Procedure
  • R98-1-01 - Waiver of Time Frames for State of Emergency or Disaster


The Following Resolutions Have Been Rescinded:

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