Industrial Commission Policies

IC Policies

The public, injured workers, employers and their representatives may learn about how the Industrial Commission (IC) conducts hearings by accessing IC policies and guidelines.

IC Resolutions
IC hearings are administrative processes which follow these guidelines.

IC Rules
Rules of the Ohio Administrative Code adopted by the IC.

Adjudications Before the Ohio Industrial Commission
IC hearing officers follow these guidelines when making decisions. This document replaces the Hearing Officer Manual.

Commission Member Orders
Commission member orders are available by month and year. They can also be serached by keyword.

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC)
Ohio Revised Code (ORC)
Links to the list of OAC and ORC rules and statutes relative to workers’ compensation located on Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s Web site.

Staff Hearing Officer Manual and District Hearing Officer Manual
Training material used by district hearing officers and staff hearing officers.

Docketing Policy
IC policy on hearing "block-out" dates.

Public Records Policy and Procedures
IC policy on public records requests.

Telephone Hearing Request Guidelines
Guidelines used for processing requests by parties for participation in hearings by telephone.

Jurisdiction Memo
Memo regarding jurisdiction issues.


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IC Policies

Get the information you need to comply with IC rules, resolutions, policies and guidelines.

The Appeals Process

Confused about the process or what is expected of you? Visit the Appeals Process section to learn the ins and outs of workers’ compensation claims and hearings.