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Annual Report

To ensure fairness and impartiality within the system, the Industrial Commission (IC) and Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) operate as independent agencies. However, Ohio law requires BWC to prepare and publish an annual report for both agencies each year.

Joint IC/BWC Annual Report 2019

Joint IC/BWC Annual Report 2018

Joint IC/BWC Annual Report 2017

Joint IC/BWC Annual Report 2016

Joint IC/BWC Annual Report 2015

Joint IC/BWC Annual Report 2014

Joint IC/BWC Annual Report 2013

IC Independent Annual Reports

IC Annual Report: FY 2020

IC Annual Report: FY 2019

IC Annual Report: FY 2018

IC Annual Report: FY 2017

IC Annual Report: FY 2016

IC Annual Report: FY 2015

IC Annual Report: FY 2014

IC Annual Report: FY 2013


The IC's newsletter provides updates on IC activities, undertakings, and regulatory changes.

2016 Summer Adjudicator

2015 Summer Adjudicator

2014 Summer Adjudicator

2013 Fall Adjudicator

2013 Spring/Summer Adjudicator

2013 Winter Adjudicator

Internal Reports

The IC examines statistical data on operational activities to estimate appropriate agency resources. Click on the link below to view the report.

Production Activity Report 2019

Production Activity Report 2018

Production Activity Report 2017

Production Activity Report 2016

Production Activity Report 2015

Production Activity Report 2014

Production Activity Report 2013

Production Activity Report 2012


The Biennium Budget Booklet is an informational tool created for state legislators during the biennium budget process. It outlines the IC's recent accomplishments and provides rationale for future expenditures.

Biennium Budget Booklet 2020/2021

Biennium Budget Booklet 2018/2019

Biennium Budget Booklet 2016/2017

Biennium Budget Booklet 2014/2015

Biennium Budget Booklet 2012/2013

Biennium Budget Booklet 2010/2011


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