Industrial Commission Online Network (ICON)

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Thank you for using the Industrial Commission Online Network (ICON).

The Ohio Industrial Commission has worked diligently to make ICON a powerful, user-friendly tool to assist you before your workers’ compensation hearing.

ICON provides parties to the claim with the ability to: view claim activity, submit appeals, objections and requests for .522/.52 relief and change passwords. Users can also view all documents associated with the claim and request interpretive services, continuances or cancellations.

On ICON, many specific tasks can be performed depending upon your role and stage in the claim process. For example, as an injured worker, you can apply for a password. An employer can view their calendar, which lists upcoming hearings. Representatives can see their hearing calendar and scheduling preferences, as well as assign and view proxies.

We hope that you will enjoy using ICON and find this system simple, helpful and user-friendly.

If you have questions about ICON, please refer to our Guide to ICON, or contact the IT Helpdesk during regular business hours at 614-644-6595 (local), or 877-218-4810 (toll-free).