Industrial Commission Appeals Process

Frequently Asked Questions:

Appeals Process

How do I file an appeal online?
Use the Industrial Commission Online Network (ICON) to file appeals online. A Guide to ICON with specific instructions is provided for your convenience.

Does every claim require a hearing?
No. A hearing is required only if there is a dispute between the injured worker and employer.

When will parties be notified of a hearing?
Notification will be mailed at least 14 days prior to a hearing. The notice will state the time, date, location of the hearing and issue or issues that are in dispute.

Should the worker and employer attend a hearing?
Attendance is not required, but it is recommended that all parties be present to give their side of the disputed issues.

How should the parties prepare for a hearing?
Gather and prepare for submission all current medical reports and written witness statements prior to the hearing. Make sure you bring the original and two copies of any document you wish to submit. Be prompt. Several Industrial Commission hearings are scheduled each hour.

Is legal representation required?
No. However, the injured worker and employer have the right to have representation if they so choose.

How will parties be notified of a decision?
An order announcing the decision will be mailed to all parties.

What if I move out of state?
Compensation and benefits are paid regardless of the injured workers' residence. However, hearings are only held in Ohio.

What happens if I cannot attend my hearing?
You may request a continuance by submitting the Request for Continuance form (visit the Forms page link above) to your local IC office or regional Hearing Administrator.

Do I have to attend an employer's medical exam?
Yes. Injured workers must attend a properly scheduled employer's medical examination. Failure to do so will result in a suspension of activity in the claim file.

How do I request a subpoena for records?
Submit a written request stating the reason for the subpoena to the regional Hearing Administrator. Please include appropriate names and addresses for issuance of the subpoena.

What does the term “impairment” mean?
Impairment is the amount of the injured worker's physical/mental loss of function caused by the allowed physical injury. Physician examiners assess and give opinions on impairment.

What does the term “disability” mean?
Disability is the effect impairment has on the injured worker's ability to work. Commission hearing officers determine disability.

How are impairment ratings determined?
The IC doctors utilize the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Fifth (5th) edition, exceptions would be Visual Impairments which utilize the Fourth (4th) edition.

What if I do not agree with the medical report?
Written complaints concerning specific examinations are investigated and answered by Medical Services personnel. Be assured that the physicians conducting examinations on behalf of the IC meet specified credentials and are provided training opportunities as well as a manual of IC medical policy. Examination reports are also screened for consistency and completeness.

Medical Examinations

Can I use my own doctor?
The Industrial Commission may request its own medical examination, which is conducted by an IC-selected physician. You may use your own physician to gather evidence for your claim at your own expense.

Do I have to attend the employer medical examination?
State statute grants an employer the right to require an injured worker to attend a medical exam performed by a physician of the employer's choice. This can be done one time in response to any issue asserted by the employee.

NOTE: Failure to attend a medical examination may cause suspension of the claim.

Can I get reimbursed for my travel costs?
If the required travel is by automobile and the distance is greater than 45 miles from the injured worker's residence to the examination and back, the Bureau of Workers' Compensation will reimburse you at the rate of 45 cents per mile. All travel must be the most direct and practical route.

How can I obtain more information about Medical Examinations online?
Visit the IC's Medical Examination Fact Sheet (quickly access the Fact Sheets through the Quick Links on the right side of the page).


Where can I get the proper forms to download for submission?
All our forms are available for downloading. You may also file an appeal online through ICON If you would like to request that a specific form be sent to you, contact our Customer Service Department via e-mail at or by phone 614-466-6136 (Columbus area) or 1-800-521-2691 (toll-free).

Where do I send the forms?
You may mail or fax forms to your local Industrial Commission office or to the Customer Service department.

Can I send the forms by e-mail?
The Industrial Commission Web site is currently unable to accept forms via e-mail. If you wish to file an appeal through ICON, that submission will be accepted through our online system.

How do I know you received my forms?
The Industrial Commission does not provide confirmation of receipt of forms sent through mail or Fax. Appeals filed online will receive a confirmation e-mail if an e-mail address has been specified. If an appeal has been filed either online or through mail or Fax, all parties will receive a Notice of Hearing. If you question whether your forms have been received you may contact a Customer Service Representative via e-mail at or by phone 614-466-6136 (Columbus area) or 1-800-521-2691 (toll-free) to verify the status of your claim.



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