Industrial Commission Policies

IC Rules

Rules of the Ohio Administrative Code adopted by the IC.

Chapter 4121 - 1: Notice and Meetings

  • 4121-1-01 - Notice procedure for the adoption, amendment or rescission of rules
  • 4121-1-02 - Notice of public meetings
  • 4121-1-03 - Non-adjudicatory meetings of the Industrial Commission

Chapter 4121 - 2: Standards of Practice

  • 4121-2-01 - Standards of practice for attorneys, agents, and representatives of claimants or employers
  • 4121-2-02 - Suspension from practice

Chapter 4121 - 3: Claims Procedures

Chapter 4121 - 4: Confidential Personal Information

  • 4121-4-01 - Definitions
  • 4121-4-02 - Procedures for accessing confidential personal information
  • 4121-4-03 - Valid reasons for accessing confidential personal information
  • 4121-4-04 - Confidentiality statutes
  • 4121-4-05 - Restricting and logging access to confidential personal information in computerized personal information systems

Chapter 4121 - 15: Code of Ethics

  • 4121-15-01 - Code of ethics, title, and rules covering
  • 4121-15-02 - Policy
  • 4121-15-03 - Standards of conduct
  • 4121-15-04 - Posting, distribution and employee acknowledgement and receipt
  • 4121-15-05 - Purpose: eliminating outside influence; producing impartiality in handling of claims and employer risk accounts and avoiding favoritism
  • 4121-15-06 - Furnishing employees' code of ethics and rules on improper influence to representatives
  • 4121-15-07 - Representatives' responsibility relative to employees' code of ethics
  • 4121-15-08 - Remedial action against persons exercising improper influence and engaging in favoritism
  • 4121-15-09 - Prohibition against unnecessary claim file possession
  • 4121-15-10 - Standards of conduct for adjudicators

Chapter 4121 - 17: Payments to Health Care Providers

Chapter 4125 - 1: Joint Rules of IC and BWC

  • 4125-1-01 - Wage Loss Compensation
  • 4125-1-02 - Electronic submission and acceptance of documents

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