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March 24, 2010


Ohio Industrial Commission is Working to Cut Costs Significantly

By John Georgiton, Chief Financial Officer of the Ohio Industrial Commission
Featured on the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Web site at:

As the current chief financial officer of the Ohio Industrial Commission, I would like to offer some comments in reference to Joe Guillen's March 7 article "Amid deep private-sector cuts, Ohio trims payroll only 1.5%.”

First, at the Industrial Commission, I think the most current year would be the best indicator of our payroll cost savings. We have reduced our payroll expense for fiscal 2010 by 4 percent, as compared with fiscal 2009. We have also taken many other cost-saving measures, such as closing three offices, reducing office space, travel expense, overtime and temporary-contracted employee expense, for a total savings of $3.3 million. Our employment level three years ago was 486, and we are now at 465. This represents a 4 percent decrease. In 1997, our employment level was 643; thus in the last 12 years we have reduced employment by 27.6 percent. This was accomplished by computer automation with no reduction in service.

During the last seven years, the Industrial Commission's budget has experienced only a slight increase, as our budget in fiscal 2003 was $59.7 million, while our 2010 budget is $60.8 million. This represents an increase of only 1.8 percent over this seven-year period.

Although the Industrial Commission does not receive tax money and is funded by workers' compensation premiums, we are aware that employers do not need rate increases when they are struggling with a recession. As a result, we have reduced our rates in excess of $5 million during the last two years.

Reducing cost is a daily task at the Industrial Commission, and we are currently taking measures that we anticipate will reduce our employment level another 4 percent during the next three years.

Hopefully, this additional information will provide clarification as to the efforts the Ohio Industrial Commission has made to reduce our expenditures and still provide quality service to Ohio citizens.

March 10, 2010


The Industrial Commission of Ohio is Relocating Our Dayton Office

Address Change to Save More than $70,000 Per Year

COLUMBUS -- The Industrial Commission (IC) of Ohio is relocating our Dayton office to reduce office lease expenses and to provide improved customer service. March 22, 2010, will mark the first day of business at our new address: 1242 E. Dayton Yellow Springs Road, Dayton, Ohio, 45324-6326.

This relocation will also reduce the amount of space occupied by the agency by 1,955 square feet. In FY 2010 alone, the change of address will result in a savings of $70,400. Over the next 10 years, the total cost savings for the Dayton relocation will equal $704,000. Since our operations are directly funded by employer premium dollars, this significant cost savings may not be ignored.

The new Dayton office is conveniently located at the Dayton Yellow Springs Road exit off I-675. It’s just nineteen (19) miles from the old Dayton office. Industrial Commission staff will handle the relocation of Dayton’s sixteen (16) employees, which will require only a small additional expenditure and all employees will keep their jobs.

“This relocation is definitely a win-win situation,” said IC Executive Director Christa Deegan. “The Industrial Commission will save money and reduce space as we provide improved service to our customers and staff. At no point will customer service be interrupted or compromised.”

Accessibility and quality service to IC customers is of the utmost importance to us. After March 17, 2010, hearings previously conducted by the Industrial Commission in the old Dayton location will be held in the IC office closest to the injured worker’s residence. Employers and injured workers may also access their ICON accounts online at, or may speak to a customer service representative by calling 1-800-521-2691.

The IC conducts hearings on disputed workers’ compensation claims, determines violations of specific safety requirements, and determines if an injured worker is permanently and temporarily disabled due to a work-related injury or occupational disease. Three Governor-appointed Commissioners lead the agency -- headquartered in Columbus -- which has 5 regional and 7 district offices throughout the state.


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March 8, 2010

Industrial Commission of Ohio Announces Training Sessions for New Docketing and Continuance Procedures

Collaboration with Outside Interests Breeds Process Improvements

COLUMBUS – The Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC) is proud to announce that it will be holding training sessions to explain planned changes to its continuance and docketing processes. During its recent Kaizen event, the IC worked directly with outside parties and employers to devise these process improvements.

“The training sessions will communicate the modifications to our docketing and continuance methods and outline a timeline for how the changes will be pursued,” said IC Chairperson Gary DiCeglio.

Interested parties have two training sessions to choose from: Thursday, April 1 from 10am to 12pm or Monday, April 5 from 1pm to 3pm. The sessions will take place in the William Green Building Auditorium at 30 West Spring Street in Columbus. Check next week for details on how to register for one of the sessions.

The IC will not hold hearings on Thursday, April 1, Friday, April 2 and Monday, April 5, 2010, to accommodate the training schedule and allow for a more efficient docketing process, as suggested by the improvement team.

These new procedural changes are the result of a Kaizen event held by the IC in January 2010. At the event, volunteers from the Industrial Commission of Ohio, Bureau of Workers' Compensation and outside interests worked together for a week to devise solutions to improve the IC’s continuance and docketing processes.

Now that the Kaizen – which is Japanese for “to break for the better” – event is complete, the solutions derived by the volunteers can be viewed here.


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