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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ohio Industrial Commission Launches Electronic Sign-In System
Boosts Customer Service While Providing Enhanced Security

COLUMBUS – Instead of using a pen and paper to sign in, visitors to the Industrial Commission of Ohio’s (IC) headquarters are using the IC’s new electronic sign-in and badge system.

“Now, a computer sits next to the security guard and visitors type in their name to check-in, and then use the computer to checkout when their visit is over,” said Director of Security Services Robert Booker.

Regular and repeat customers, such as workers’ compensation attorneys and representatives, will have the opportunity to have a security ID badge issued to them for expedited check-in. The system will save money by reducing paper costs.

“So far, the comments have all been positive,” said IC Executive Director Christa Deegan. “It has been so successful that we plan to roll out this sign-in process soon to our 11 other offices across the state.”

The Information Technology department designed the sign-in application and used an existing computer terminal, so there were no additional costs in Columbus.

Once installed, the sign-in system will enhance security and greatly benefit our customers. It will be much more convenient for regular customers to simply badge in and out of IC buildings. At the same time, the new system will provide a more efficient way to track who is in IC buildings in case of emergency.

“As we initiate the sign-in process in each IC office, we will notify our customers about this initiative and will set up separate photo shoots for individual security badges,” said Deegan.

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Ohio Industrial Commission Launches Electronic Sign-In System